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Zahran Technology is passionate about delivering innovative and creative ELV & ICT solutions for multiple sectors, that enable hotels, corporates, schools, universities, government, palaces, and villas to communicate, collaborate, create and share ideas, and live safely through the most state-of-the-art technology integration solutions.


We at Zahran Technology, are highly focused on the hospitality sector and maintaining a combination of professional and homogeneous ELV & ICT systems to provide for our clients the real know-how of integration in today technology revolution. Our cooperation with the main hotel operators regionally, gave us a exceptional reputation in this segment.

Guest Room Management

Hospitality Displays

Interactive Solutions

Integrated Solutions


Our highly skilled team can create a turnkey solution to assist you in selecting the right systems for your educational facility. Our innovative and creative designs incorporating high quality state of the art technologies we can tailor the most cost effective ELV & ICT Solutions for you and for your students.

Audio Solutions

Intelligent Monitoring


Smart Solutions


Working closely with local companies for nearly 2 decades, Zahran Technology understands the challenges and solutions needed to deliver amazing results for our Commercial clients. As a leading Low Current Systems Integrator provider, we will provide you with the solutions that will exceed your organization’s communications and business goals, by building scalable, standardized, and serviceable solutions.

P/A Networking

Smart Office

Audio Visual



We provide complete smart home solutions which involve bringing together of many different disciplines including entertainment, lighting, security and networking. That’s what Zahran Technology does the best…


Background Music

Satellite Distribution

Internet Distribution